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Vector Ecology

Nelson E, Thurston W, Pearce-Kelly P, Jenkins H, Cameron M, Carpenter S, Guthrie A, England M

viruses 14 (3)
Publisher’s version:
Hudson AR, McGregor BL, Shults P, England M, Silbernagel C, Mayo C, Carpenter M, Sherman TJ, Cohnstaedt LW (2023)

Journal of Medical Entomology 60 (6) , 1221-1229
Paladino LZC, Wilson R, Tng PYL, Dhokiya V, Keen E, Cuber P, Larner W, Rooney S, Nicholls M, Uglow A, Williams L, Anderson MAE, Basu S, Leftwich PT, Alphey L (2023)

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 11
Bellekom B, Bailey A, England M, Langlands Z, Lewis OT, Hackett TD (2023)

Parasites & Vectors 16 (1) , 13
Sadlova J, Bacikova D, Becvar T, Vojtkova B, England M, Shaw J, Volf P (2022)

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Micrbiology 12 , 981071


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